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Tongli Showcases Fiberglass Cloth at Composite-Expo 2024 in Moscow

Create Time:2024-03-26

Moscow, Russia — The 16th International Specialized Exhibition on composite materials and technologies, Composite-Expo 2024, kicked off at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow. Among the prominent exhibitors, Tongli Fiberglass (Tongcheng) Co. LTD. stands out, presenting its innovative range of fiberglass fabrics products.

Pioneering Composite Technologies

Tongli Fiberglass, headquartered in China, has established itself as a leader in the field of composite materials. With a focus on research, development, and production, the company offers a diverse portfolio of high-quality fiberglass products. These materials find applications across various products, including PCB, adhesive tape, and insulation and heat resistant materials in automotive, marine, and construction industries. 

Key Highlights at Composite-Expo 2024

Visitors to Tongli Fiberglass’s booth (Stand 12A18) can explore the cutting-edge Fiberglass Cloth products: Tongli’s fiberglass cloth is engineered for strength, durability, and versatility. Whether used in structural reinforcement, insulation, or surface finishing, this material plays a crucial role in composite manufacturing.

Industry Collaboration

Tongli Fiberglass collaborates with international partners, sharing expertise and contributing to the advancement of composite technologies. The company’s participation in Composite-Expo 2024 underscores its commitment to fostering innovation and promoting sustainable solutions.

A Platform for Growth

Composite-Expo serves as a vital platform for industry professionals, researchers, and manufacturers to exchange knowledge, explore new trends, and forge partnerships. As the demand for lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly materials continues to rise, events like Composite-Expo play a pivotal role in shaping the future of composites.

Visit Tongli Fiberglass

If you’re attending Composite-Expo 2024, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Tongli Fiberglass’s booth (Stand 12A18). Engage with their experts, learn about the latest advancements, and discover how their products can elevate your composite projects.